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The PCCP PaintingContractors Certification Program

Sets standards that painting contractors must qualify for to become accredited. The PCCP sets standards for the management of hazardous paints. In particular the management of Lead and other Hazardous metallic pigments in Industrial applications E.g. paints containing zinc chromate and other chromate- based material, arsenic compounds or cadmium compounds. Risk management is also covered as a method of developing controls.

This standard applies to the management of hazardous paints on industrial structures. It includes methods for determining whether hazardous metallic pigments are present on a structure and the selection of a maintenance strategy. Guidance is given on implementing emission controls during paint removal to ensure that potential health risk to workers and the public are reduced to an acceptable level, environmental pollution regulations are observed and a method of handling hazardous wastes selected which meets governing legislation.

For legal obligations associated with managing lead-based and other hazardous paints refer to work health and safety (WHS) regulatory requirements.

Hartechs workers have decades of experience in the management and maintenance of industrial surface coatings including preparation and applications. The PCCP accreditation recognises this. This coupled with their extensively tooled workshops and their fleet of mobile workshops means they can tackle any sized industrial paint Job

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Nace Coating Inspector Level 1 – Certified, CIP No. 13390

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