Hartech Pty Ltd is the company of choice for a wide network of clients across multiple industries.
Our advantage is that we can offer to complete the work in our factory or our mobile service comes to you

Industries We Service

Oil & Gas

We treat and manage multi stage seawater pumps, oil and water separators, mud tanks, metering pots, gas scrubbers and holding tanks for the leading oil and gas companies. Our corrosion treatment protects the pipes and tanks for a long time.


Hartech can treat and remove rust from the hot acid tanks used in mines, besides from vacuum pumps, dust collectors and pressure vessels.


The products we use are suitable for metallic surfaces as well as concrete surfaces. We remove rust from heat exchangers, pipes, pumps and valves used by a number of petrochemical companies in South Australia and Victoria.


Hartech’s superior quality products are ideal for corrosion prevention in extreme marine environments. We can treat the whole bandwidth of marine industry components ranging from pumps, sea walls to rudders, hulls and casings.

Our Recent Projects include

  • Structure Steelwork
  • Communication Towers
  • Gas & Transmission Stations
  • Gas Valve Pits
  • Wine Tanks
  • West Lakes Bridges
  • New Car Line
  • Mount Lofty Trans Towers
  • 11 Wine Tanks/Pasteuriser
  • Conveyor
  • Cresswell Fountain at Adelaide Oval
  • Telstra
  • A.P.A Group
  • New Car Line
  • Vinpac International
  • Charles Sturt Council
  • G M H
  • Channel 10
  • Dept. of Road Transport
  • D.S.T.O
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Chateau Yaldara
  • Astalloy
  • Artlab
  • Lindemans


Pick up and delivery service available

Nace Coating Inspector Level 1 – Certified, CIP No. 13390

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